10 Health Benefits of Moderate Consumption of Alcohol

Over thousands of years, human has been drinking fermented beverages. Saying alcohol to be the oldest drink ever will not be the wrong statement.  This drink has many beneficial properties for our health but can also harm us if we do some carelessness while drinking it.

Before we move to the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, first we need to know what do we call the moderate amount of alcohol and how it varies among the people of different ages and genders.

As different beverages have a different amount of alcohol in them, so, the moderate amount may vary in every type of liquors. However, we can estimate a moderate amount for all kind of drinks which contain alcohol in them. But different researches show different results, and we will follow what most of the researchers prove to be nearly equal.

For the males of 65 years and above, the modest amount becomes 2 drinks per day.  And for the females of all ages, the modest amount seems to be 1 drink per day.

A question would have come in the mind of readers how bigger a drink could be. So, the drink size for different kind of beverages is detailed below.

•    For Beer, the drink measurement can be 12 fluid ounces (355 milliliters), and it contains 5% alcohol in it.

•    For Wine, the drink measurement can be 5 fluid ounces (148 milliliters), and it contains 7% alcohol in it.

So, to get health benefits from alcohol, we have to follow the constraints while drinking it. And if we follow them, here is the bunch of benefits what we will get in return.

  • Reduces the risk of the heart attack: –

Moderate liquor consumption reduces the risk of a sudden heart attack. The reason is that a moderate amount of alcohol raises the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. The increase in HDL cholesterol protects against cholesterol buildup and minimizes the chances of a sudden heart attack. 

  • Fights against cold: –

Alcoholic beverages reduce the attack of cold by 60%. It is because of the antioxidants present in red and white wine. But red wine is more likely to be a shield from cold attack. And if you are allergic to alcohol in some situations, don’t drink it because it can lead to severe health problems.

  • Boosts working memory: –

Any drink that contains a handsome amount of alcohol boosts our memory and makes us more confident in our decisions. The reason is that alcohol is the 2nd richest calorie nutrient among all.

  • Energizes our body: –

Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol daily energizes our body, relaxes our muscles, and strengthens our bones. That is what makes us live longer.

  • Weight loss: –

A moderate amount of white wine helps us to reduce our weight. So, if we want to reduce our body weight, we only need to drink white wine, and our apple-shaped body will turn into a beautiful figure.

  • Reduces depression:

Nowadays, every 3rd person is the victim of depression. Some people have depression due to family problems, and some have due to business fluctuations. A moderate amount of alcohol can get us out of the state of stress by reducing stress hormones in our body.

  • Reduces diabetes risk: –

The people who drink a moderate amount of wine are less likely to be the victim of diabetes. The healthy ingredients in red and green wine decrease the risk by 30% – 40%, especially, type 2 diabetes in women.

  • Reduces cancer risk: –

Drinking alcoholic beverages, especially, white wine helps in preventing cancer, particularly, bowel and breast cancer. The reason is that the ingredients tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol present in white wine reduce the growth of those cells, which lead to cancer.

  • Promotes sleep: –

Those people who have a sleeping problem, and they cannot sleep peacefully without taking a tranquilizer tablet. They need to drink a modest quantity of alcoholic beverages before sleeping because a certain amount of alcohol relaxes our muscles and promotes our sleep. So, they can get rid of sleep-promoting drugs.

  • Reduces the risk of kidney stones: –

It seems very unreal, but the clinical journal of American society proved that alcohol supports our body to stop the production of kidney stones by 30%.

Please go through the benefits of red wine and white wine too. Those will influence your health intensely.